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Camille Hilaire (French, 1916-1988)

"L'oeuvre de Camille Hilaire est l'une des synthèses les plus marquantes de la peinture de ce demi-siècle. Elle est d'abord puissamment et eloquemment française, en particulier par son souci d'harmonie quasi musicale. Véritable fête pour les yeux, la peinture de Hilaire est une peinture de bonheur, d'autant plus séduisante pour l'esprit qu'elle comporte un aspect abstrait souvent inattendu, et la part de mystère qui est la marque des grandes oeuvres" (Roger Bouillot).

This delightful nude by Camille Hilaire, executed circa 1950, displays the artist's fine mastery of composition and his powerful deployment of the contrasts between light and dark; the polarities of naked suface and deep shade. The nude or partly-clad female form was a favourite motif of Hilaire and one to which he returned throughout his career. Never lascivious, the artist's gaze was one of tenderness and affection towards his subjects. He combined this sensitivity of vision with a gentle poise and harmony of composition.Hilaire was winner of the "Grand Prix de la Casa Velaquez" and the "Second Grand Prix de Rome" and the 1950s marked the beginning of his international success and major critical acclaim. Hilaire's works are owned by a number of important international museums, including the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

Camille Hilaire. Nue

Watercolour and pencil on paper
Dimensions: 30 x 40 cm; 11¾ by 15¾in.



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