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Charlotte Arnold


Charlotte Arnold

Charlotte Arnold founded the Cambridge Book & Print Gallery in 2001 with the aim of establishing a gallery that would combine prints, rare books and fine art. Previously, she worked for a number of galleries both in Paris and London and as a specialist at Sotheby's Auctioneers in Bond Street, London. She holds two degrees from Cambridge University: an MA in French and Russian and an M. Phil. in the History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine, for which she wrote a thesis on the scientific library of Joseph Banks. Charlotte's particular areas of interest within the broad field of book collecting are signed modern first editions, rare inscribed, dedicated or 'association' copies, and artist's reference books. She also has a wide-ranging interest in British and European printmaking and drawing from the nineteenth century to the present day.

Charlotte is dedicated to researching all of the works that she sells as thoroughly and comprehensively as possible. Cataloguing is as detailed as possible and relevant references to catalogues raisonnés and bibliographies are always cited. She is also dedicated to matching the right piece with her clients' interests and needs and she offers the service of locating hard-to-find books that she does not have in stock herself. The exhibitions that she has held over the last eight years in the Cambridge Book & Print Gallery have included survey shows of modern printmaking, children's illustrators, and one-man exhibitions of British and Commonwealth artists.

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