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William Marshall (British 1923-2007)

William Marshall went to work at the Leach Pottery aged just 14, and was one of just a few potters to have been born and bred in St Ives. He worked at the pottery over five decades, becoming its unofficial foreman, and overseeing the production of Standard Ware. But Marshall had exceptional abilities of his own, and could throw porcelain and stoneware with a delicacy and inventiveness rarely matched; in old age Bernard Leach relied upon Marshall to throw his larger pieces.

Upon leaving the Leach Pottery in 1977, Marshall built his own kiln at his home in Lelant, together with his son, the potter Andrew Marshall. William Marshall’s work now truly came into its own, with its characteristic glazes and decorations modelled on the character of the local landscape, as well as being ingrained in the Japanese, and especially Korean, traditions.

William Marshall. Yunomi

pair of white slip yunomi with contrasting cobalt decoration
5.5 x 6cm.
Impressed personal seal

£350 (pair)

William Marshall. Yunomi with copper pours

Nuka Yunomi with copper pours
9.5 x 8.5cm.
Impressed personal seal


William Marshall. Deep bowl

Deep bowl with nuka glaze, iron brushwork and tenmoku pours
11 x 16.5cm.
Impressed personal seal


William Marshall. Vase

Large cylindrical vase with grey slip impressed flower heads and copper spots
31 x 12.5cm.
Impressed personal seal


William Marshall. Pedestal vase

Large pedestal bowl with slip and manganese decoration
19 x 28cm.
Impressed personal seal


William Marshall. Porcelain bowl

William Marshall. Porcelain bowl

Porcelain bowl with cobalt wipe and copper splashes
12 x 26cm.
Impressed personal seal


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