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All works framed by us are mounted/framed to high standards using 100% acid free conservation board and mounts. They are framed so as not to restrict the natural movement of the paper and are hinged only to the board with acid free hinges and not directly to the mount itself. Framing and mounts should be reviewed after ten years or so. Under no circumstances should prints be framed irreversibly i.e.: by dry mounting them or fixing them in any way that restricts their natural movement.

They should be hung away from direct light or heat and conserved away from a damp environment to prevent any future damage to them. Light , heat and damp are major factors in the deterioration of prints. Although direct sunlight will damage a print more than artificial light, it is advisable not to fix a light immediately over or too close to a print.

Original prints should never be handled. If you must handle prints then try to wear cotton gloves, and only handle at the edges as the acid found naturally on skin will cause them to deteriorate over time.

All of our frames are chosen with great care to suit each work and are traditionally hand finished on an individual basis to suit each work. We tend to frame most modern works in bespoke white box frames, for a sleek modern look which also ensures that the work is placed well back from the glass. We also use a lot of oak frames on our smaller works by British artists such as David Jones and Eric Ravilious as natural oak goes really well with this period and due to its solidity and innate simplicity allows the work to really stand out without being obtrusive. All of our works if purchased framed are mounted/framed to high standards using 100% acid free conservation board and mounts. They are framed so as not to restrict the natural movement of the paper.

If you would like to discuss the frames used on a particular work, please feel free to email or telephone for more detail and if a work is offered unframed we would be happy to suggest framing options.


When you order a work we will discuss delivery options with you. All works leaving the gallery are packed by hand with great care and in nearly a decade we have never had any accidents or losses.

The cost of delivery includes insurance until the piece reaches you safely.

Average delivery prices for the UK (next day service if ordered before 11am) range from around £10 for a small framed work to about £23 for a very large picture or group of works.

For works travelling outside the UK we pass on our contract discounts for insured/fast and tracked delivery to our customers which equate to a 35% discount for Europe, a 50% discount to the US and Canada and a 20% discount to the Far East and Australia. We assess each piece individually but for large framed works we tend to remove glass or unframe. We are required by law to accurately report the value and contents of international shipments.  We strictly abide by this law; therefore, please do not ask us to undervalue the content on customs declaration forms.  Our shipping costs do not include any courier brokerage fees, or duties and taxes that you might be charged by your country.  Please refer to the specific rules and regulations set forth by your country to anticipate any fees that you will be required to pay. Exact shipping costs are calcuated once goods have been packed.

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