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Joan Hickson (British, b. 1929)

Joan Hickson was born on January 16 1929. She grew up near Rushtree in Suffolk and originally wanted to be a vet. She studied fine art at Brighton College of Art and later taught at Woodbridge school in Suffolk. She worked on Children's television from the mid sixties and created an animated series about Joe, a little boy who lived in a transpot Cafe (BBC, 1965) and then How Do You Do (BBC, 1977). She became involved with Postman Pat in 1982 with the comic strip featuring him in the BBC children's comic Buttons. From 1985 she illustrated the first books by John Cunliffe from 1985 and helped to transform the television model into a drawn character.

Joan Hickson. Postman Pat

Postman Pat at the Fair
original illustrations for 'Fun at the fair'
Pen, ink and poster paint
4 images on card with acetate overlay with printed text
52.5 x 39.5 cm. (full sheet)
Reference: Postman Pat Picture Paper, no. 98, 1988: [p.3]: illustrated.


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